From the Pages of: AUTOWEEK

The best issue of Autoweek I ever worked on? Possibly. Certainly the most akin to the other projects and topics I tackle.  In the current “Bespoke Issue” cover boy + Fiat scion Lapo Elkann headlines as Autoweek takes a closer look at the Ferrari “Tailor-made” program, an initiative Mr. Elkann launched Q4 last year. As Autoweek summarized in its Dec 6, 2011 issue, “The Ferrari personalization program is broken down into three groups:

  • Scuderia: which emphasizes the company’s motorsports history.
  • Classica: which offers a modern interpretation of vintage Ferrari styling.
  • Inedita: which introduces an element of experimentation and innovation to the styling.”

However, even since then the Tailor-made program has grown. Also in the Bespoke Issue is yours truly’s take on custom luxury of yesteryear (click image left.) The Bespoke Issue in mailboxes and on iPads today.

About SIGnature

As a commentator and influencer, Aaron “Sig” Sigmond writes and speaks about male-positioned (often prestige) brands well before they hit the mainstream media and consumers—including those selected below. Sig, who coined the phrase, “Because Style Never Goes out of Fashion” as the tagline for his 1990’s men’s fashion periodical Dossier-For Everyman, is considered to be a true arbiter of good taste.
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