Imitation is the Sincerest Flattery No. 1: LIFE V. GESCHEIDT V. GARAGE + PARADIS + TOM FORD + MARC JACOBS

Sometimes when you’ve been doing the same thing long enough (as I have) you see it all—and then you see it again. So when I picked up a copy of former POP editor Dasha Zhukova’s new magazine Garage the other week, which sports a nifty cover design by Damien Hirst (there are two other covers for this debut issue) something struck me as so completely familiar. Yes, the homage to Andy Warhol’s removable banana sticker from the Velvet Underground & Nico album was obvious and clearly intentional, but that wasn’t it. Then it struck me— Alfred Gescheidt! More specifically his brilliant (pre-Photoshop) 1973 piece, “Untitled (Man between woman’s legs).” Former New York Times photo editor John Durniak once described Gescheidt as, “the Charlie Chaplin of the camera.” And certainly in his day his work was completely unique, as well as satirical and idiosyncratic. But then I thought, “no it’s not just Gescheidt, it’s the cover of the No. 3 issue of the much missed Paradis magazine.” Then, “no, that’s not it either… it’s the first Tom Ford Men’s Fragrance advert or Marc Jacobs first Men’s Fragrance ad.” No, no, not that. Oh yes! It is a literal and contrived representation of birth! Yes, brilliant! Mike Meiré, Garage’s art director, told Eric Wilson at the New York Times, “It is so very, very different from other magazines,” but alas no. Not different from other magazine covers, at least, (that issue of Paradise was four years ago) and no different than life itself. C’est la vie baby!

About SIGnature

As a commentator and influencer, Aaron “Sig” Sigmond writes and speaks about male-positioned (often prestige) brands well before they hit the mainstream media and consumers—including those selected below. Sig, who coined the phrase, “Because Style Never Goes out of Fashion” as the tagline for his 1990’s men’s fashion periodical Dossier-For Everyman, is considered to be a true arbiter of good taste.
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